Mission Statement

Our Mission

Family Health Center exists to provide access to primary medical, dental and mental health services for community members, with emphasis on the medically underserved, to improve the health of the community and to train future health care providers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading provider of comprehensive health, dental and behavioral health care services to the medically underserved in Mid-Missouri. We will be:

  • Responsive to the changing needs of the community
  • Proactive in development of collaborative partnerships
  • Supportive of training programs for health care professionals
  • Innovative in our models of care
  • An advocate for our patients
  • Fiscally responsible

Our Values

  • Medical, dental and mental health services should be affordable and available from a single source.
  • There is a shared responsibility for achieving a family’s goals between the family member and their primary health care provider.
  • Families should be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Families should have access to quality childcare, safe housing, appropriate educational and employment opportunities, sound nutrition, and a violence-free home environment.
  • Health services should be delivered in a personalized, professional manner with compassion.
  • The delivery of health services should be accomplished in a culturally competent manner.
  • Both the staff and the patients served should demonstrate respect for all persons, and the property of others and of FHC.
  • Our staff should demonstrate integrity and personal responsibility in all interactions.
  • Family Health Center shall inspire and uphold a continuous learning environment.