Legislative Advocacy

Policies that affect health care services are constantly being changed on both the Federal and State levels of government. Family Health Center needs friends who will help us by advocating for policy changes that facilitate the work of primary health care at community health centers. You may call, write a letter, or email your federal or state legislators to advocate for Family Health Center.

Family Health Center is a member of federal and state-level organizations that lead us in advocacy for primary health care and encourage advocacy at the local level. Both the National Association of Community Health Centers and the Missouri Primary Care Association websites list suggestions for grassroots advocacy and will send e-mail alerts about relevant legislation.

The National Association of Community Health Centers “Advocacy/Voter Registration” webpage tells how you can help locally and allows you to sign up to be a health center advocate. The Missouri Primary Care Association’s legislative activity webpage lists the responsibilities of advocates and offers a sign-up for advocacy alerts.

NACHC and MPCA alerts also allow you to edit or send already-composed e-mail messages to your congressperson or legislator.